I wear black t shirts and write songs

I'll keep you posted ;)

I'll keep you posted ;)


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Aaron Carter and Daniel Landers

Webster Hall, Marlin Room, New York, NY


Pop Up Show- Munich

Pop Up Show- Munich, Munich


Pop Up Show- Berlin

Pop Up Show- Berlin, Berlin, Germany

Daniel Landers

 Albert Einstein once said, “You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.” That is probably the only rule you will find Daniel Landers following. 

Daniel is an accomplished singer, songwriter, musician and actor with fans across the globe. Daniel grew up in his two favorite places in the world—New York City and a sleepy town in South Florida. He lives the ultimate double life, following his passion for songwriting and performing all over the world, and coming home to chill with friends and family. His original songs reflect his personality—a classic rock and roll influence infused with edgy Dance/Pop. Humor and sarcasm weave their way through his catchy pop/rock tunes and guitar riffs. His music and lyrics reach out emotionally. Daniel attended a high school for the academically gifted, which also adds to the dichotomy of his teen life. He studies music business and contemporary songwriting at the prestigious Frost School of Music at the University of Miami.

You are sure to find Daniel Landers on the road less traveled. He is an outspoken animal advocate and environmentalist. He fights for what he believes in. 

At the age of two, Daniel made his acting debut in Hollywood, California, and his stage debut at age 4 when he sang and danced with the cast of the hit children’s TV and stage show, The Huggabug Club. When Daniel was just 9 years old, he had his first European hit, which he recorded and performed in several languages. By the age of 11, Daniel was writing songs, and developing his own style, focusing on an American sound.  Daniel has been a guest performer on variety specials in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and the Netherlands. He performed New Years' Eve on Musikantenstadl in Klagenfurt, Austria – an event that was broadcast live throughout Europe. Daniel expanded his fan base in the European music scene when he competed in the finals of Europe’s XFactor in the Netherlands. The same year, he displayed his singing and acting skills when he starred in a TV movie/pilot in which he portrays a high school boy who dreams of becoming a rock star.  

 Daniel is a prolific songwriter. “I work on my writing every day- My songs are my sanity.”